Master Thesis collaboration with Trifork

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Master Thesis collaboration with Trifork

At Trifork, we are curious by nature and we would love to be inspired by the innovation and can-do mindset that bright young students bring to our culture. Sharing that passion for technology is an honor for us.


About the Trifork culture and DNA

Since its inception in 1996, Trifork has been motivated by pushing the limits and boundaries of what new technologies and methods can do for mankind. We challenge our customers on the status quo and we provide the competitive advantage.

Fundamental to our culture is the passion for technology. New technologies arise in a constant flow and we see new technologies as a fantastic opportunity to challenge the status quo. We all share the ambition to be among the first movers and we share the passion to explore the potential of new technologies. It is an integral part of the Trifork DNA to scout and search for new front-edge creations within the world of software. Therefore, it is vital for our core business and culture to maintain an inflow of new software technologies. We believe in and are proud of our vision: “Leading software innovation by being the first to bring pioneering technology solutions to our customers”.

In today’s fast-paced world, there are always new technologies emerging and new ways of doing business. Often, students are at the forefront of this progress. Students bring fresh perspectives, innovative mindsets and a great curiosity for the newest trends in technology. Furthermore, students are part of the so-called “Digital Natives”, which gives them a straightforward approach in “thinking software” to daily challenges that mankind face today.

Who are you?

  • You are about to start on your Master Thesis?
  • You have an exciting project/master idea
  • You have a great passion for technology

What can we offer you?

Show us your unstoppable drive and commitment to your research project and we’ll give you access to some of the leading experts in their fields within some of the newest and growing technologies.

You’ll get the opportunity to work on your Master Thesis, part-time, at our office in Aarhus,  Aalborg or in the office in  Copenhagen. You have  the possibility to have a Trifork mentor that you can spar with, who can help guide your project in the right direction and who can give you real-life industry knowledge.

Enjoy our office perks like lunch, coffee & pool and grab the chance of tapping into some of our own interesting projects! And if your findings and conclusions are of high quality, you will get the opportunity to host a GOTO-Night or even speak at our global GOTO Conferences.

Ready for your next challenge? We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information: Rasmus P. Bisgaard,, +45 4243 9493

Trifork…Think Software. Think Passion for Technology!